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Engagement Ring and Wedder Service

Natalie offers a personalised Bespoke service to help you create your dream ring for your Engagement and Wedding day.  She understands that it can be an extremely daunting process - choosing what size, quality and shape Diamond, or perhaps you are after something different and are looking at a coloured stone, choosing which metal and and most importantly the design. 

The process first involves meeting with you to discuss designs and what your budget is. Natalie then works within these parameters to create a ring that best suits your style and desires. Sourcing only quality conflict-free Diamonds and Gemstones from her Australian suppliers, Natalie allows you to view different stones under her guidance so you can choose your own. Her suppliers are those with whom she has been a client for almost two decades

Platinum Oval Diamond Ring
Remodelled Diamond Ring


Natalie can remodel your existing Diamond and Gold pieces into something new. Using refining and remelting techniques, Natalie melts down, rolls out and makes something new out of your old pieces. Unlike some Jewellers, who send the clients gold off to be replaced with new gold, Natalie refines and melts the clients gold herself in her Studio in Newcastle, thus retaining the integrity and sentimental value of the metal for the client.

If you are interested in remodelling an existing piece, or unworn gold that is broken or old and want something new, make an appointment and Natalie will first weigh your pieces, to give you an idea of what sort of piece you can get made with the amount of gold you have, then together she will talk about designs, setting existing stones, or sourcing a new stone to set in you existing gold.  

For example, a bangle that would cost thousands to make from scratch would cost a fraction of this using the clients gold.

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